Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Glenn Beck - #2403 - "History is Repeating Itself" - Glenn Beck TV Show - 11/16/10 - Fox (2) Soro's Next Target: Your State - American Thinker (3) Transcript from Show

Glenn Beck TV Show - 11/16/10 - "History is Repeating Itself."- Fox - Part 2........, Part 3.........., What a great Bible lesson on the story of Babel, and how it relates today.  Transcript from this show,'Lessons from the Tower of Babel'.......

GLENN BECK, HOST: Well, hello, America.  Let me give you some news here. Stock market tumbled today. It fell 178 points today.  Then this morning, I read a report out of China. Walmart, Gap and JC Penney are now worried about, quote, "terrifying" rise on cotton prices that could skyrocket your clothing prices by as much as 30 percent by spring. That's inflation — radical inflation.  We told you on this program for a while now and it's becoming more and more apparent to everyone: food prices are rising around the globe and they are beginning to hit here at home. This is going to be a real problem for those who are not prepared, especially those who are living the closest to the edge.  Read more.......

Soros's Next Target: Your State - American Thinker - George Soros -- hedge fund billionaire, major funder of so-called 527 groups, early supporter of Barack Obama, and sugar daddy of the Democratic Party -- is one of America's most powerful political players. He had a bad November 2 when Republicans took control of the House. But he is not down for the count. He has already begun focusing on states as his next political playground -- where he wants to be the biggest bully on the block. George Soros has seen his game plan work quite well for years in Washington. He has created a phalanx of powerful think-tanks (The Center for American Progress -- Obama's Idea Factory, being just the best-known, but there are many more), he has politicians in his ample pockets, and the Democratic Party is beholden to him and his empire of activist groups -- including MoveOn.Org.  Read more..........  This is a long article, but it does reinforce and explain why Glenn Beck is devoting so much time to George Soros, it was only because Americans came out in such force and numbers that he was not more successful in completely controlling our latest elections, but he only will try harder next time, what a dangerous man Soros is to our country.

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