Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Glenn Beck - #2400 - "Time to Make a Decision" - Glenn Beck TV Show - 11/15/10 -(2) Transcript from TV Show - Fox

Glenn Beck TV Show - 11/15/10 - "Time to Make a Decision." Tonight: It's time to make a choice. Hard times are coming. We can either look at things and start freaking out- or we can look at this as a moment of opportunity. The Glenn Beck footprint reaches an estimated 30 million people per month..and that's a really good thing, because people are now awake. How many times has Glenn been right over the past few years? The things he has warned us about are now starting to happen. He was right. You were right. Now, it's time to point all of this out to your friends. Part 2........, Part 3...... (2)  Transcript from TV Show: Welcome to "The Glenn Beck Program."I've decided on my New Year's resolution over the weekend for 2011. Here it is: I ain't looking back. I don't care anymore. People either get it or they don't. Oh, well — I'm moving on.  It seems like people over at "Saturday Night Live" are starting to get it. I don't know — I don't know if you saw this. Wait until you see it. We'll show it to you here in a second.  America, here's the thing: it's time to make a choice. Hard times are coming. And with that sentence, that sounds kind of pessimistic. Don't take it that way.  Times of historic opportunity are right around the corner as well. But America faces that choice. Next. Come on.  Read more.......

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