Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 - #2360 - Final Gallup Poll Sees Historic GOP Wave Into 'Uncharted Territory' of a 60-Seat Gai or Beyond - LA Times

Hopefully Nancy will be handing the gavel back to Boehner
The final Gallup Poll before President Obama's first midterm elections Tuesday indicates Republicans are poised to reap historic gains in the House of Representatives, possibly electing twice as many new members as they need to seize control of the chamber where financial legislation originates. Gallup's latest findings this morning predict Republicans will easily gain the necessary 39 seats to seize control of the House regardless of voter turnout. They predict a minimum GOP gain of 60 seats "with gains well beyond that possible." That kind of rout would be the worst shellacking of a president's party in a half-century. For comparison, the so-called Republican Revolution of 1994 saw the party.......gain 54 House seats in Bill Clinton's first midterm, previously the largest loss by a president's party in 50 years.  The final poll of 1,539 likely voters finds 52-55% preferring the GOP generic congressional candidate while only 40-42% prefer the Democrat. The range is due to turnout variables.  Read more.......

Real Clear Politics Final Results, To See House and Governor's Races...........

Toss Ups
44 Safe or Not Up3174635 Safe or Not Up
51 Seats Needed For Majority (Recent Race Changes)

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