Friday, November 5, 2010

Elections 2012 - #2368 - VIDEO: Obama and Webb are Next.... But Who Will Challenge Them? - Bearing Drift

Obama and Webb are next......but who will challenge them? - Bearing Drift - Well it didn’t take too long for the Republican Party of Virginia to make known who its next contestants on the price is wrong will be: Jim Webb and Barack Obama. Yesterday, the party launched  As the video clearly shows, the party is going to hammer Webb’s association with Obama every possible way for the next two years. On the aforementioned website they cite Webb’s deciding vote for ObamaCare, the addition of $2.5 trillion to our national debt since 2009, Webb’s support for the stimulus, and also his support for the Value Added Tax.  Clearly these have been unpopular initiatives, and it’s right to highlight the differences, but who will deliver the message?  Right now, I think you can speculate on at least five names. This list is heavy Hampton Roads, but maybe it’s time a U.S. Senator came from this region. Possible GOP candidates:
George Allen. He was Senator once. He’s making the rounds. He wants a rematch.
Del. Bob Marshall. Was within a delegate at the 2008 convention of becoming the nominee. If his wife lets him, he’s running. Consistent conservative voice in the state legislature and led the Virginia Healthcare Freedom legislation.
State Sen. Jeff McWaters. Millionaire. After building AmeriGroup, has the healthcare cred to make a solid repeal argument. Has served in the state senate, so understands how to legislate.
Rep. J. Randy Forbes. Once state senator and candidate for lieutenant governor. Likely still harbors some state-wide ambition. Has been a tireless advocate in international relations with China, a strong social conservative, and an innovator on energy policy.
Brig. Gen. Bert Mizusawa. Grew up in Hampton and has roots in both in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia. A former senior staff member of the Senate Armed Service Committee. Solid candidate in the GOP nomination fight for congress in the 2nd.

Wave II Coming in 2012 - Hot Air - If Democrats thought this past Tuesday was bad, wait for 2012, The Hill warns. Thanks to the big pickup for Democrats in 2006 for the Senate, they have to defend a lot more seats in the next cycle than they did in 2010. Republicans may have an easy opportunity to grab control of the upper chamber, but a few things have to fall in place first:  For the first time in two cycles, Democrats will have more seats up for grabs than the Republicans, and the party could see its shrunken majority erased altogether.  Several of the senators up for reelection came in on the 2006 Democratic wave, when the party picked up six GOP seats and won control of the chamber.

Sens. Bob Casey Jr. (D-Pa.), Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and Jim Webb (D-Va.) defeated GOP incumbents that year but will have to win reelection in 2012.  And two senators who won special elections Tuesday, Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.), will face voters again in two years.  Read more,,,,,,,,,,

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