Saturday, October 9, 2010

Virginia Tea Party Convention - #2250 - Scrap Taxes, Tea Partiers Say as Convention Opens - Richmond Times Dispatch

Scrap Taxes, Tea Partiers Say as Convention Opens - Richmond Times-Dispatch - Richmond, Va. --  Virginia tea-party groups yesterday proposed a constitutional amendment to scrap both the corporate income tax and the individual income tax in Virginia. Conservative activist John Taylor said elimination of the two taxes would do far more to attract businesses to Virginia than the incentives that the General Assembly passed this year at the behest of Gov. Bob McDonnell. The legislative agenda capped the first day of the two-day Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention that organizers said would bring at least 2,100 activists to the Greater Richmond Convention Center. In addition to the tax repeals, the tea party will sponsor a proposed constitutional amendment to make it harder for governments to use eminent domain to seize private property.  Read more..........

The Photographs below were taken by me yesterday, on the first day of the convention.

The break-out classes were wonderful, the exhibits, speakers and all that was planned.  The Richmond Tea Party and others did an amazing job.  Looking forward to the next legislative session.

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