Monday, October 25, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2324 - VIDEO: Robert Hurt's New TV Ad -" The White House's Favorite Congressman" - Tom Perriello

Robert Hurt's New TV Ad - The White House's Favorite Congressman - Tom Perriello -
Congressman Perriello has proudly supported the job killing, big spending, big government agenda of Nancy Pelosi and the White House. It’s no wonder he’s their favorite Congressman. 

Robert Hurt Wins Endorsements from The Register and Bee, News and Advance and The Richmond Times-Dispatch - Sunday, October 24, 2010 - Today, Robert Hurt received the endorsements of the Danville Register and Bee, Lynchburg News and Advance, and Richmond Times-Dispatch. The editorial boards noted Robert’s strong commitment to reining in government spending, balancing the budget, creating jobs, and the fact that he will serve as a limited government check and balance to the big spending, big government Pelosi-Perriello agenda. This is a clear indication that Robert’s positive message and vision for the future of our country is resonating across the 5th District and beyondExcerpts- Richmond Times-Dispatch: However, we cannot agree with [Perriello’s] stance on the most important issues of the day, including health care reform, the “stimulus” bill, and cap-and-trade. We endorse state Sen. Robert Hurt, a sensible legislator who -despite scurrilous campaign ads suggesting otherwise – understands and supports the kinds of free-market, limited-government approaches that will give the ailing economy an opportunity to start creating economic growth and private-sector jobs. “We need to rein in spending and allow job creators – small businesses, Main Street, small farmers – to get to work,” Hurt told us. He is exactly right.  Read more........

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