Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2327 - "RepubliCorp" a Sham from Moveon.org-(SOROS) - Welborn Freedom Watch

I was getting ready to post an article and video from The Blaze - titled - Raw Video: Rand Paul Supporters Stomps on Moveon.org (SOROS) Activist Outside Kentucky Debate. After viewing the video and reading the article, it mentioned the signs by 'RepubliCorp,' pretending to be a blend of the Republican Party and Corporate America, which is NOT TRUE, another sham by Moveon.org. (SOROS)  These signs were held by people at the last Robert Hurt vs. Tom Perriello debate and Piedmont Community College on October 19th, which I took pictures of and talked with the sign holders who tried to tell me the same thing, they were a blend of the Republican Party and Corporate America, which was a LIE. When I looked the signs, it was obvious they were not friendly to Robert Hurt, but I photographed them anyway. See for yourself below:

Just be aware of who and what 'REPUBLICORP' is really about, too bad Tom Perrriello can't be honest and needs to involve deception in his campaign to be reelected.  Remember this on election day, November 2nd, and vote for:  ROBERT HURT FOR CONGRESS.  See video and article below as to what happened at the Rand Paul debate last night.

Raw Video: Rand Paul Supporter Stomps on Moveon.org Activist Outside Kentucky Debate - The Blaze - A woman wearing a wig — who would later identify herself as Lauren Valle — attempted to approach him as he got out of his SUV to attend the final Kentucky Senate debate.  She was wrestled to the ground by Rand Paul supporters. After she was on the ground, one man wearing Rand Paul shirts and stickers put a foot on her shoulder and stomped.  Valle later appeared to be unharmed. She said she represented “Republicorp,” a fictitious company which is the brainchild of moveOn.org. She claimed that Republicorp was the merger between the Republican Party and corporate America.  For Tobin‘s full account and the Paul’s campaign’s response to the violence — click here.......


MoveOn.com Political Action

RepubliCorp: We Buy Elections One Race At a Time

See our members posing as RepubliCorp—a fictitious merger between giant corporations and the Republican Party—to highlight that right-wing groups funded by Big Oil and Wall Street are spending $400 million to take over Congress for the Republicans.

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