Thursday, October 21, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2304 - VIDEO: Democrat Tom Perriello Says Doctors are Public Servants - The Schilling Show Blog

Democrat Tom Perriello Says Doctors are Public Servants - Schilling Show Blog

Steve Peters
Guest Editorial: Doctors are not public servants Tom Perriello - by Steve Peters.   Just days before Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello voted YES on the Obama Medical Takeover Bill, a busload of 50 Jefferson Area Tea Party Patriots sat down with Tom to plead for his' NO' vote on this dangerous bill that almost nobody, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, had read.  Retired Dr. Jim Masloff warned Tom in the meeting that although changes in America’s medical system area were necessary, passing this bill was like performing a craniotomy to cure a headache!  In the course of the meeting, Congressman Perriello—the son of a doctor— astonishingly stated that he grew up considering doctors as “public servants!”  The Communistic concept of public indentureship and mass servitude of health care professionals is pervasive throughout the 2000+-page bill Democrats passed late one Sunday night, without a single Republican vote!
Doctors’ lives and the operational parameters of their profession are going to change dramatically, and for the worse, because of Tom Perriello’s arrogant, “I know better than you” vote. His allegiance is not to “we the people,” but to his beloved Democrat party.  Commentator Michael Barone says, ”The rule seems to be that casting a decisive vote for Obamacare tends to be a career-ender.” Let’s hope that Tom Perriello’s decisive vote in favor of the Marxist health care takeover permanently ends his political career.  You have the ability to assist in retiring Tom Perriello from his 5th District Congressional seat by circulating this video among doctors, health care professionals, and health care consumers—and by making contributions to Republican Robert Hurt’s campaign.  Democrats have declared war on doctors (along with all other “producers” in America); it is time for concerned citizens to begin fighting back, and fiercely. The alternative is simply unfathomable.  

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