Thursday, October 14, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2266 - Video and Photos from Hurt Counter Rally to - Welborn Freedom Watch

Robert Hurt Counter Rally to, on October 12, 2010, at Albemarle GOP Headquarters, Charlottesville, Va. Approximately 150 Robert Hurt Supporters came out to show their support for Robert Hurt for Congress. managed to motivate 8-10 supporters to show up to protest foreign money being used for political campaigns. I was interviewed after the rally by someone from the Associated Press who repeatly asked me how we managed to get so many people on such short notice to come out to support Robert Hurt. Did we use telephone trees, facebook, internet, how did we do it? Finally after about the third time, I told him he was missing the point, it didn't matter how we managed to get this many people to come, the story was that 150 people cared enough and wanted to show their support for Robert Hurt. I also mentioned if you think this is something, wait until November 2nd, and see how many people come out to support their candidates, to take back this country for conservative values.

Eva shares why she is supporting Robert Hurt for Congress, after the Counter Rally to, Albemarle GOP HQ, Charlottesville, Va. on October 12, 2010.

Linda shares why she is voting for Robert Hurt for Congress, and also shares with a grandmother who attended the counter rally, why she should be alarmed that Tom Perriello voted for the Health Care Bill and how this will impact her grandson and her family.  
Photos below by Sue Morris:

The 8 Protesters

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