Monday, October 11, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2254 -Opinion: Perriello Should Stop Working So Hard - Bill Henderson - Star Tribune

 I would like to address this letter to all of the voters that are undecided as to whom to vote for on Nov. 2 and to those voters that have decided to vote for Tom Perriello. Since Perriello has been in Congress, he has always said that he was working twice as hard for the people of the 5th District. Well, let's see. (1) He voted for the $800-plus billion stimulus that has done little that it was stated by our leaders it would do. We were told that if it passed, the unemployment rate would not exceed 8 percent. We know how that turned out. Does 10 percent ring a bell?  I will admit that some construction projects will be started or completed; the Robertson bridge is one. But most of this money has gone to things that will not add one job or as a slush fund for unions. (2) Then there was Cap and Trade. This bill will increase the cost of everything we buy. That includes motor fuel, food, utilities, consumer goods - everything. It will cost jobs, even jobs in Virginia, jobs that we desperately need at this time. Congressman Perriello thought so much of his district that he voted yes on that one.
           (3) Oh yes, let's not forget "Obamacare." Even though most people in the district and also the nation were opposed to the bill as written, our congressman fell in line with Speaker Pelosi and voted yes to jam it down our throats anyway. About the only time our congressman voted against his party was when the speaker told him that she had the votes to get a certain bill passed so he could go against the party line to give him campaign points. I recall that he was so proud of these votes and he was so proud to cast these votes for the people of the 5th District. My question is, if he was so proud of these votes then why is he not touting them as victories now for the people of the 5th District in his campaign for a second term in Congress? All of these votes have increased our national debt to about $13 trillion. To put this in perspective, President Obama has created more debt than was created by presidents from Washington to Reagan. I have also heard several times that our congressman stated that if we want him to quit stealing, we should tie his hands. I called the congressman's Washington office and they confirmed his statement.

Mr. Perriello portrays himself a conservative when holding his town hall meetings, but when he gets back to Washington he falls right in with his fellow liberals. I don't know about my fellow neighbors in the 5th District, but I would like for our congressman to stop working so hard for us. I plan to do my part on Nov. 2 by voting for Robert Hurt, and if he doesn't do the job for us, then I will vote for someone else in 2012.    Bill  Henderson, Danville

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