Monday, October 4, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2224 - Top 10 Vulnerable Members - Roll Call

In some election years, Roll Call has had to scrape to complete its Top 10 Most Vulnerables list. This year, we had the opposite problem. In fact, so many Members are in danger this cycle that we considered expanding the list into a Top 20. Or more. But in the interest of tradition, we’ve kept to 10 our list of Members least likely to serve in the 112th Congress. And yes, we realize we included only one Republican. Ranked in order of vulnerability.
10. Tom Perriello (D-Va.) | 1st term (50 percent) - It’s a testament to Perriello’s skill as a candidate that he’s not further up this list. Perriello’s war chest, national fundraising network, aggressive campaign style and likable personality have given him a chance in a seat that would otherwise be a certain Republican pickup in a year like this. Perriello’s support for the three major Democratic priorities that passed the House this year — the stimulus, cap-and-trade and health care bills — made him a darling of liberals across the country, but Perriello will have to answer to Southside Virginia.  Read more....... Article contributed by Steve Peters.

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