Friday, October 1, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2214 - Breaking: Congressman Perriello Stands with As They Continue to Fund His Campaign - Robert Hurt Campaign

The Hill has reported that the George Soros-backed group has raised $100,000 to support Congressman Perriello and his campaign. Given the controversial nature of this organization, it is imperative that Congressman Perriello make his position clear to 5th District voters:
• Does Congressman Perriello agree with the values and ideas espoused by George Soros,, and its other backers?
• How can Congressman Perriello accept money from an organization that has opposed funding for our troops?
• ran an ad campaign calling General Petraeus a liar, does Congressman Perriello agree with their ad and characterization of the General as he now leads our servicemen and women in Afghanistan?
• Will Congressman Perriello keep the $100,000 in campaign contributions?
Congressman Perriello’s Campaign Funded By Controversial, Extreme Left Wing Group
“ said it also raised $100,000 for Virginia Rep. Tom Perriello…” “Congressman Perriello’s votes in favor of the failed trillion dollar stimulus, government takeover of health care, and Cap and Trade already reveal how out of step he is with the people of the 5th District. The revelations that his campaign is being funded by the George Soros-backed group, will only further solidify this fact in the minds of Central and Southside Virginians.  Read more......

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