Friday, October 1, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2213 - Tom Perriello, PAC Corruption and 'Sugar Daddy' Soros - Mike Warnalis, Schilling Show Blog

On Friday, September 24 of this year, The Washington Times reported that tax forms obtained by that paper revealed that George Soros is and has been a primary funding source of the group known as the J-Street PAC for at least the last three years and probably longer. This story is important for several reasons, perhaps the least noteworthy being that the organization, both a left-leaning lobby and a registered PAC which seeks a peaceful outcome to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, has tried to conceal the connection since its inception. After all, Soros, an anti-American billionaire who has been one of the largest financial backers of Democrat candidates and is one of the more frequent visitors to the White House, as well as one of the largest funders of ultra-liberal and Media Matters for America. ........ Along with that, approximately one-half of J-Street’s operating budget came from outside the United States, and from one person! This week, reported that one donation of $811,697 came from a wealthy donor in Hong Kong, Consolacion (Connie) Esdicul. While this donation is legal, foreign donations, especially to this extent are considered to raise suspicion if not be downright questionable and often discouraged.
          So, what does this have to do with Central Virginia? Here in the fifth district, we have a Democrat running for Congress who has been receiving money from Mr. Soros, in one form or another, since he first ran in 2008. In the most recent election cycle, Mr. Perriello reports that his fourth largest donor is the aforementioned J- Street PAC, and from it he has received $16,500. His 35th largest donor is the man himself—$6800 from the Soros Management Group. Just “Follow the Money,” and see where it leads. In his ads, Mr. Perriello claims to have never accepted money from lobbyists.  Read more.......

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