Friday, October 1, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2211 - Tom Perriello vs. Robert Hurt - Time

.............. Two years and more than a thousand votes in Congress later, the freshman Democrat is once again in the race of a lifetime.State Senator Robert Hurt, the Republican challenging Perriello, is essentially marketing himself as a foil to Washington Democrats. Through public appearances, press releases and advertising, Hurt has been telling voters that his opponent's support for liberal causes such as union card check and carbon cap-and-trade just doesn't jibe with the staid values of the fifth district, which stretches from Danville and its surrounding counties along the southern Virginia border up to Charlottesville some 130 miles to the north. Hurt constantly invokes the Speaker of the House, dubbing every bill "the Pelosi-Perriello health care plan" or the "Pelosi-Perriello stimulus" with alliterative acrimony. See TIME's list of 2010's Congressional Races to Watch. While casting him as a primary engine of the 111th Congress's legislative agenda is beyond hyperbolic.   Perriello has been a staunch Democratic vote for much of the past two years. Unlike other freshman Dems from conservative bastions that flipped in '08 — such as Blue Dog Glenn Nye from Virginia's second district — he didn't defect on the major issues Hurt is so quick to bring up. Read more.......

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