Friday, October 29, 2010

Virginia 5th District Race - 2347- So Much for the Virginia 5th District Firewall - Hot Air

Democrats have to take a stand somewhere for their midterm firewall in the House, and according to Politico, they have dug the trench in Virginia’s 5th CD. The DCCC has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to save Tom Perriello from defeat, and over the last two weeks independent groups have spent $1.6 million, mainly attacking Perriello’s opponent, Robert Hurt. And a Very Special Guest Star will make an appearance in the district this weekend, too: No one can say they didn’t try to save Tom Perriello.  President Barack Obama is headed to Charlottesville, the populous college town at the heart of Perriello’s district, to drum up support for him on Friday. Obama praised Perriello during a mid-October rally in Washington, calling him a “great guy” who has taken risky votes and “just done what’s right.” The president talked about him again on “The Daily Show” Wednesday night. At least a half-dozen pro-Democratic groups have spent six-figure sums over that time period, and four – the League of Conservation Voters, the Sierra Club, the National Education Association and the America’s Families First Action Fund – each have put in more than a quarter-million dollars.......... How has the blitz fared? Has the firewall held? According to Survey USA, it isn’t even close:  Read more.......

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