Friday, October 29, 2010

Virginia 5th District Race - #2346 - Dems Hold the Line with Tom Perriello - Politico

Dems Hold the Line with Tom Perriello - Politico - No one can say they didn’t try to save Tom Perriello. In the last days of the 2010 campaign, the first-term Virginia congressman’s reelection bid has become a rallying point for Democrats nationwide, as party leaders and left-leaning interest groups scramble to ensure that at least one vulnerable liberal lawmaker is left standing after Nov. 2.President Barack Obama is headed Friday to Charlottesville, the populous college town at the heart of Perriello’s district, to drum up support for him. Obama praised Perriello during a mid-October rally in Washington, calling him a “great guy” who has taken risky votes and “just done what’s right.” The president talked about him again on “The Daily Show” Wednesday night. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has kept investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the district, while cutting loose other at-risk members across the country.  Read more........

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Today marks the day that Congressman Perriello has officially ditched his strategy of claiming to be an Independent voice for the people of Central and Southside Virginia, and embraced the face that he is
Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi's Congressman, not ours. For the past two years, Congressman Perriello has sided with Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama on all of their signature legislation and now Barack Obama is coming to Charlottesville to try and save his favorite Congressman, Tom Perriello. 
Please tune in tonight at 9pm to Sean Hannity's show on Fox News Channel as Robert Hurt discusses the Obama-Perriello rally and why our positive, limited government message of creating jobs, lowering taxes, and reining in government spending is winning over voters in the Fifth District.
On To Victory, 

Sean Harrison,  Campaign Manager
Robert Hurt for Congress 

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