Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Virginia 5th District Race - #2333 - Perriello Sets New Standard for Cynicism - The Hill

.......However, it is truly rare that political chicanery, like placing someone on the ballot to draw votes from your opponent, is acknowledged and admitted. What is even more rare is the cynical trick being pulled by Virginia 5th district Rep. Tom Perriello (D), who has actually gone so far as to send targeted mail out that urges conservative and Tea Party voters to support a third-party candidate as the “true conservative.” This may be the first time in history that a candidate has engaged in an independent expenditure activity on behalf of one of his opponents, in order to split the vote against him and win in spite of losing a majority of the vote.
Perriello’s “independent” has claimed affiliation with a variety of local Tea Party groups. Yet even though he is acknowledged by local Tea Party leaders as being on their mailing lists, they don’t claim him as part of their team, let alone call him a leader. In spite of this disavowal, Perriello and this “independent” persist in their campaign to bring down the candidacy of Republican nominee Rob Hurt. The irony of Perriello making a conservative pitch cannot be lost. This is the same congressman who participated as a panelist (over Skype) at the far-left NetRootsNation conference in Las Vegas earlier this year teaching progressives how to more effectively engage Congress. Of course, Perriello’s conservative pitch is not technically for himself, but instead for a third-party candidate to draw votes from his opponent.  Read more.........  Way to go Tom, even The Hill is surprised..... At least your buddy Obama will be here Friday and may even give you more tips how to be deceitful and help you steal the election the 'Chicago Way,'  Another incentive for the rest of us to vote you out on Tuesday, we certainly don't need another "Hope and Change" guy like you in the Fifth District.  Which Tom are you, who will you be on Friday when Obama is here?

Cuccinelli Blasts Clark, Endorses Hurt in VA-05 - Bearing Drift - Here’s the quote you can’t miss:  Now folks, I have been active in Virginia politics a long time, and Jeff Clarke has never shown up for those battles that conservatives have been fighting for years.  Ouch… that’s painful, and a not-too-uncommon complaint heard by conservatives who were Tea Party while the rest were still being brewed.  Rest of the Cuccinelli statement is below:

Dear Fellow Virginians:  With less than a week to go before November 2nd, Virginia once again is in the middle of the fight for the direction of this country. Virginia will, in large part, have a tremendous role in determining what direction our country will be heading in the next two years.  Nowhere is this more profound than in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, where State Senator Robert Hurt is challenging liberal incumbent and Pelosi rubber stamp, Tom Perriello.  18 months ago, Tom Perriello defeated Virgil Goode by less than 800 votes, despite John McCain carrying the district by several thousand. I have known Robert since he was elected to the State Senate several years ago, where I served at that time. During our time together in the State Senate, Robert consistently demonstrated his commitment to the conservative ideals that we hold dear.  Read more.......

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