Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Virginia 5th District Race - #2329 - Robert Hurt Receives Veterans Endorsements - Hurt Campaign for U.S. Congress

CHATHAM, VA – The Robert Hurt for U.S. Congress campaign today announced that Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps veterans from across the 5th District are endorsing Robert Hurt for Congress. These veterans have served our nation in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, during the Cold War, in Grenada, Panama, Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Afghanistan, and in the global war on terror. Among those endorsing Robert Hurt for Congress:
• George Forschler, Brigadier General USAF (Ret.) and trustee at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library. “As a veteran, I would never mortgage the future of our children and grandchildren the way Congressman Perriello has. That’s why I’m supporting Robert Hurt for Congress.”
• William E. (Bunkie) Warren, Colonel USA (Ret.), former 5th District American Legion Commander, former State Vice Commander for the Western District of Virginia. ”I’m supporting Robert Hurt for Congress because I’m convinced that he is sincere in his support for veteran’s benefits and health care.”
• Shelton Scales, Colonel USMC (Ret.), USMC Battalion Commanders from the Battle for Iwo Jima (3rd Battalion, 23rd Marines, 4th Marine Division). “I’m impressed with his experience, certain of his support for veteran’s issues, and convinced that he is the right man to send to Washington to represent our interests.”
• Robert Cranston, Colonel USA (Ret.), who served in WW II, Korea and Vietnam. “My wife and I have supported Robert since before he announced for the primary. He is a dedicated Conservative, a man who is raising a family in the 5th District and has always supported the Military and the country’s veterans.”  Read more.........

Statement by Mike McPadden in Response to Congressman Perriello's Deceitful New Ad - Note: Mike McPadden is featured in Congressman Perriello’s new false negative attack ad. Tom Perriello’s most recent negative campaign ad is another shameful attempt by the Perriello Campaign to avoid talking about his record in Congress. It is sad that Mister Perriello’s record as our Congressman is so poor that he has to stoop to these levels in his desperate attempt to hold on to the fifth district seat. To portray Robert Hurt as anything but a staunch Conservative is ridiculous and disingenuous. I am fully confident that the people of the fifth district who believe that they are better able to run their own lives, not government, who believe that lower taxes and less government regulation will spur job growth, and who understand that it is the private sector economy that creates jobs and not government, will go to the polls next Tuesday and vote for Robert Hurt. I would also like to remind our Congressman that if his political mentors had been men like John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan instead of Hugo Chavez and Nancy Pelosi he might not now be in the position of having to spread lies and half truths about his opponent in this race.

Statement by Jim McKelvey in Response to Congressman Perriello's Deceitful New Ad - I am quite frankly appalled at Tom Perriello’s recent desperate attempts to split the Republican Party, and his vain attempt to get conservatives in the 5th District not to vote for Robert Hurt. Unlike what Tom Perriello would like us to believe in both his goofy mailers and ridiculous television ads, Jeff Clark is not the alternative, and Congressman Perriello is no conservative.  Robert Hurt and I may have had some differences in the past, but we are both focused on the same goal for our country’s future.  In the latest mailers from the Democrat Party of Virginia that I and other conservatives have gotten in our mailboxes in recent days,

Tom Perriello uses my name (and a prior press release of mine) as the “factual” basis to falsely state that Robert would do away with 400 teacher jobs, cut funds for college scholarships, increase personal property taxes, allow unsafe products to come into our country from overseas, or somehow send jobs overseas to China. This is a blatant lie on Perriello’s part. These false statements clearly show that Congressman Perriello will do anything to get elected, and that he is willing to stoop so low as to lie to his fellow citizens, because he wrongly believes that such lies will win him the election. Mr. Perriello has shown here in the last days of this important election that he completely lacks the honesty, character, and integrity required to lead us here in the 5th District. The only candidate who possesses the honesty, character and integrity to lead us as our next congressman is Robert Hurt. Read more......

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