Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Va. 5th District Race - #2334 - What They are Saying: About the Obama-Perriello Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia

The New York Times: Obama’s Trip Is “A Last Minute Bid” To Help “An Unapologetic Backer.” President Obama has added a surprise stop to his campaign schedule, heading to Central Virginia on Friday in a last-minute bid to help a freshman Democrat in the House who has been an unapologetic backer of the president’s agenda. That support has cost Tom Perriello support in Virginia’s sprawling 5th District and made him a prime target for Republicans.” (Michael D. Shear, “Obama To Rally For Perriello In Virginia,” The New York Times, 10/26/10)
Politico’s Mike Allen: Perriello Is “A Classic Obama Baby.” MIKE ALLEN: He’s going to be going out to Charlottesville to this freshman, Tom Perriello, who is a classic Obama baby. He’s someone in a pretty red district, who was elected only because of the Obama excitement.” (“Morning Joe,” MSNBC, 10/27/10)
Allen: Obama’s Visit Is “A Huge Gamble.”And so, the President’s going out there for a big rally and this is a big risk because the President showing up out there, sure will turn out the African-American vote, will excite Democrats, but Republicans tell us this could seal the deal for the Republican Robert Hurt. They say it’s going to excite their base at least as much. A huge gamble.” (“Morning Joe,” MSNBC, 10/27/10)
Allen: “This Is Risky Business.” “This is risky business: Obama’s embrace will certainly fire up African-Americans in the district, but could be a net negative for Perriello. E-mail of the day: ‘Tom Perriello has become a folk hero for liberals. They want to have scars from fighting for him.’” (Mike Allen, “Playbook,” Politico, 10/27/10)
Politico’s Jonathan Martin: “If He Doesn’t Win, Seems Clear [Perriello] Will Be At Head Of Line For Admin Gigs.” (Jonathan Martin, Twitter Feed, Accessed: 10/26/10)
Larry Sabato: “So Why Here? Rep. Tom Perriello (D) Has Staunchly Backed Obama’s Top Priorities In An R-Tilting District. A Thank-You, I Guess.” (Larry Sabato, Twitter Feed, Accessed: 10/26/10)  Read more.......

Obama Credits Perriello with 'tough vote' on Daily Show appearance - .......Obama cited freshman Rep. Tom Perriello, D-Va., who voted for the president's health care bill and is in a tight race against Republican state Sen. Robert Hurt. Obama plans to be in Charlottesville, Va., on Friday to campaign with Perriello. "My hope is that those people are rewarded for taking those tough votes," Obama said. If so, "then Democrats will be rewarded on election night."  Read the entire article........  I hope Tom Perriello is rewarded, with a quick trip to Washington for the Lame Duck session and back home to Charlottesville to look for a new job.

Obama: My Name's Not on the Ballot this fall, but my agenda is - The Hill - The president suggested the outcome of key elections next Tuesday could determine the fate of his legislative priorities. The president stopped short of saying next week's election is a referendum on his policies, but suggested the outcome of key elections next Tuesday could determine the fate of his agenda."My name may not be on the ballot, but our agenda for moving forward is on the ballot, and I need everybody to turn out," Obama said Tuesday afternoon during an appearance on the Rev. Al Sharpton's radio show.  Read more.......

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