Monday, October 11, 2010

Tea Party Movement - #2256 - The Five Factions of the Tea Party Movement - Part 1 - Tom White -Virginia Right

Tom White: This is the first part in a multi-part series on the Tea Party movement, what it is and the effect the movement is having on all of America. I spent a great deal of time at the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention in Richmond, Virginia over the weekend talking to hundreds of people about their views, their feelings and their expectations of the Tea Party movement and was able to easily fit nearly everyone in one of five factions. There is overlap in many cases, but normally no more than one faction away. We will start with the definition of the five factions, discuss each one, and finally the impact on the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and the political arena as a whole. I am a Tea Party supporter and have been from the beginning. My goal is to present an insider’s view of the movement as accurately as possible.
It is impossible to characterize the Tea Party, because the movement seems to be all over the place philosophically, yet decidedly conservative. It is especially confusing for liberals and the liberal media who try to pigeonhole the Tea Party movement into some definitive category. And they fail miserably because the members of the movement are far more disparate than the left is able to comprehend....... In order to understand the Tea Party movement, you must understand not only the common goal, which is to put the Federal Government back in the box the founders of this country intended it be kept, but you must also understand the five basic factions within the movement:  (1) The first faction are the left flank of the movement. (2) The second faction are those who were and remain Republicans. (3) The third faction are former Republicans that have given up completely on Republicans and support anyone not a Republican who happens to be on the Conservative end of the spectrum. (4) The fourth faction are the Libertarians and similar parties. (5) The fifth faction are the unaffiliated right wingers. While they would never vote for Democrats, the Republican Party can’t count on them either.  Read more of this very interesting article and a more in-depth description of each of the above.  Of the second faction, he further states; "they voted for McCain and support the Republican Party. It is no secret that the Tea Party is heavily populated with Republicans who have no interest in reinventing the wheel and plan to fix the Republican Party, or at least do their best to right the ship gone astray." I look forward to Tom's  next article in this series.  I personally, find myself in category 2, at least for now.  Please read, find out what category you are in at this moment of time in American History.

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