Thursday, October 14, 2010

Health Care Bill HR3590 - #2273 - Video - Dems Running Against Obamacare Won't Sign Defunding Pledge -

Democrats looking to get re-elected to Congress have mostly decided to keep their mouths shut about ObamaCare, and in some cases run on their opposition to the health-care system overhaul. That latter group, however, has a commitment problem, according to None of the incumbents running for re-election have pledged to defund ObamaCare in the next session of Congress, which makes their newfound commitment to fiscal sanity and personal liberty look rather self-serving: In fact, according to the site, only one of the 180 signatories of the pledge is a Democrat — and that’s the candidate in Tennessee’s 6th CD. As for the incumbents noted in this ad, they did vote against ObamaCare, but that was a managed vote intended to protect endangered Democrats in the midterms. If they truly oppose ObamaCare, a pledge to defund it should be a no-brainer. The fact that none of the Democrats on the campaign trail will commit to cutting off the bill’s funding in the next Congress really does tell voters exactly what to expect if they allow Democrats to control those decisions next year, any and all of them.  Update: Bart Gordon retired in TN-06. It’s an open seat.  Web site:

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