Thursday, October 7, 2010

Health Care Bill HR3590 - #2239 - Obama Letting Big Corporations Off the Hook with Obama Care Waivers - Hot Air

Actually, that’s closer to the headline on MSNBC’s reprint (“White House allows big firms to dodge health reforms”) of this New York Times article than the one in the Times itself (“Waivers Address Talk of Dropping Coverage”), but the meaning is plain either way. Instead of enforcing the ballyhooed standards and mandates for insurers that Congress passed in ObamaCare, Kathleen Sebelius and the White House blinked in the face of bad press and exempted dozens of companies from the law. If the marketplace had uncertainty before, the administration has made the situation much, much worse:As Obama administration officials put into place the first major wave of changes under the health care legislation, they have tried to defuse stiffening resistance — from companies like McDonald’s and some insurers — by granting dozens of waivers to maintain even minimal coverage far below the new law’s standards.  Read more........

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