Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 - 2351 -Who's Really Dividing the Country? - Virgil Goode - Townhall

The Democrats are going nuts over Sharron Angle’s latest anti-illegal immigration ad, “The Wave.” Senator Robert Menendez (R-NJ) called the ad “racist” and “despicable” because it tries to “portray all Latinos in this country in a negative light in a state that has such a large, vibrant and productive population.”......So what exactly makes this ad so bad? The ad begins by stating the facts about illegal immigration noting: “Waves of illegal aliens streaming across our border, joining violent gangs, forcing families to live in fear.” This is simply the truth.

There are between 12 and 20 million illegal aliens in this country, over 2/3 of whom came to here by crossing the Southern Border illegally. Calling that a “wave” is an understatement. As for violent gangs, the FBI considers MS 13 to be the most dangerous and fastest growing gang in the country....
And what's Harry Reid doing about it? Voting to give illegal aliens Social Security benefits, tax breaks, and college tuition. Voting against declaring English our national language -- twice. And even sided with Obama and the President of Mexico to block Arizona's tough new immigration law. Harry Reid, it's clear whose side he's on -- and it's not yours.”  Read more.......  Article contributed by Steve Peters.

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