Friday, October 22, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 - #2312 - VIDEO: Union Fires Navy Father for Wearing Bush (Aircraft Carrier) Sweatshirt - The Right Scoop

This Navy father was wearing this sweatshirt while helping build the stage that Obama will be using later today. And it’s actually not a ‘Bush’ sweatshirt, but rather a sweatshirt that says Bush. It’s part of the name of an aircraft carrier that his son serves on – USS George H W Bush. And this father was wearing it in honor of his son. Wow the Left is soooo tolerant! I bet Obama t-shirts would have been just fine!  Unbelievable story, and the union is the working man's friend, IF YOU ARE A DEMOCRAT AND YOUR SON IS NOT IN THE SERVICE.

UPDATE:  Union Bending Over Backwards to Apologize - The Blaze - After the story of Duane Hammond quickly spread across the blogosphere this afternoon, his union is retreating and apologizing.  As we reported, Hammond, a union stagehand, was working to construct a platform that would showcase a USC campus visit from President Barack Obama Friday afternoon. When Hammond showed up for work wearing a hat and sweatshirt advertising the USS George H. W. Bush — the naval vessel his son currently serves on — he says union officials told him to go home.  Read more........

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