Monday, October 18, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 - #2288 - Michael Barone: Dems Find Careers Threatened by Obamacare - Townhall

Seven months ago, Speaker Nancy Pelosi spent a busy week rounding up votes to pass the Senate version of the Democrats' health care legislation. It wasn't easy. She had to get Democrats who had voted no in November to switch to yes in March. And she had to get Democrats who had refused to vote for the bill in November without an anti-abortion amendment to vote for a bill in March that lacked that language. She took the unusual step of scheduling the roll call for Saturday -- so members wouldn't go back to their districts and be besieged by Obamacare opponents. Those opponents, according to polls at that time, included most American voters. But Pelosi, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton predicted the bill would become more popular after it was passed (and, Pelosi said, after people had a chance to read it). National polls indicate that hasn't happened yet. But what about the districts of the House Democrats who cast the key votes that made Obamacare law? Those Democrats have an interest in persuading constituents of the law's merits. So how are they doing? In general, not very well.  Read more......  "The rule seems to be that casting a decisive vote for Obamacare tends to be a career-ender." Let's hope that Tom's decisive vote also ends his career in the 5th District. He said he would love to have the Big O come into the District to Campaign for him. Nobody else wants Obama around this close to the election, please give him a call Tom, he owes you for voting for EVERY SINGLE MAJOR PEICE OF HIS LEGISLATIVE AGENDA.  Commentary by Steve Peters.

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