Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 - #2262 - Video: Chamber of Commerce VP: When did Hopechange turn Into Fear'nSmear? - Megyn Kelly - Fox -Hot Air

Chamber of Commerce: When did Hopechange turn into Fear n Smear? - Answer: Pretty much on day one, no? Obama’s always needed a villain for his messianic passion plays. At first it was Rush Limbaugh for saying “I hope he fails,” then it was the health-care townhall “angry mobs,” then it was Fox, then it was the tea party, then John Boehner, then Palin, now it’s the Chamber of Commerce. There’s always someone standing at the foot of the cross, sippin’ on a Slurpee, while our poor unappreciated president spends trillions that we don’t have in order to redeem our sins. Look at it this way, Chamber members: It’s not that The One has it in for you. It was simply your turn.

Two clips here, the first of the VP via Greg Hengler and the second of Charles Krauthanner .
Charles Krauthammer - White House Chamber Accusations 'Reptilian Desperation,' 'Oozes of Slime and Innuendo.'

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