Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 - #2212 - Powerpoint Presentation: "The System" - How Did We Get Here, What It Is and How We Break It - American Majority

 How We Got Here, What it is and How we break it  - The second reminder of how deeply America’s Founding Principles had been corrupted came in the form of a presentation given by American Majority’s Drew Ryan on Saturday afternoon. Drew’s presentation The System‘* was, for those who may have wondered over these past two years ‘how did we get here?’ an excellent visual tutorial on how Progressive movement has been waging a 100+ year war on American Liberty.  Directions for Screen: Click on ARROW then  MORE -  on lower right of screen where you can access whether autoplay or full screen, I recommend both. Here is link if you want to access directly:  Please take the time to play this, great background information.

 GOTV is only the Beginning - Welcome to the 110 Year War - Redstate - This weekend, the Marxist march Progressive Putsch into Washington will take place as socialist union bosses, their bused-in astroturf, race baiters, and other freedom haters gather to demand further redistribution of wealth and an end to free enterprise. It will be yet a another reminder of how far and how long the war has been waged by the Left. It’ll be a sight to see: The Million Marxist March.........Many Americans are only now realizing how deeply America has been corrupted and compromised, and how long the battle ahead will be in order to save the Republic. Moreover, if American liberty is to survive the war waged from within by the Marxist/socialist/progressive movement, Americans must understand that this fight for America’s future must be fought to the finish. On the Saturday of the Gathering, South Carolina’s next governor Nikki Haley was taking questions from the audience when a woman stood and asked a very simple question. With some sense of exasperation in her voice, the woman asked: “When can we go back to living our lives again?” After a few minutes, I realized that this poor woman was speaking more from frustration than anything else. I also realized that she, like so many, had only recently come to know how long and how hard the fight will be to take back America from the Marxist stranglehold that is gripping it.

America will not be saved in one election cycle, nor two. In fact, it will likely take a generation or more.  Read more........  Article provided by Steve Peters.

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