Sunday, October 10, 2010

Barack Obama - #2252 - Is Obama's Position on Religious Freedom 'Mosque, Yes; Cross, No?' - American Thinker

......But like the predatory wolf that searches for the lamb at the outskirts of the flock, the ACLU targeted a lone cross -- a war memorial -- in California's Mojave Desert, off a desolate highway, perhaps believing it to be an easy target for removal. The ACLU was mistaken. For ten years, a battle has been waged to preserve this solitary Latin cross, first erected in 1934 to honor World War I veterans. In fact, the Mojave Desert War Memorial is our nation's sole congressionally designated World War I memorial. A former National Park Service (NPS) official (who now lives in the State of Oregon) objected to the cross memorial and enlisted the ACLU to sue to remove it......Yet in August, as the Mojave Desert cross supporters surely noticed,
  President Obama jumped into the heated fray over the controversy of a mosque to be built at Ground Zero in New York City. He said that Americans should support this mosque because of our belief in freedom of religion. As reported by the AP, Obama proclaimed, "This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakeable." The mosque would be situated on private property -- exactly the long-term solution envisioned by Congress to protect the Mojave Desert Cross memorial. Why is Mr. Obama silent on the Mojave War Memorial cross when he is happy to proclaim in an internationally televised speech his support of a controversial mosque that many would identify by the choice of locale with the slaughter of nearly three thousand Americans? Read more.......  There is so much more to the story of this Mojave Desert War Memorial Cross in the desert that has been occurring this year, please read.  

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