Friday, October 1, 2010

Barack Obama - #2209 - Bipartisanship: No Recess Appointments for Obama - Hot Air

When Democrats took control of the Senate in 2007, they began blocking appointments such as George Bush’s nomination of John Bolton to the UN post. After Bush began using recess appointments to bypass the Senate, Harry Reid began holding pro-forma sessions every few days in order to keep the Senate from going into recess — and to keep Bush from access to the recess appointment mechanism. Now, with Democrat Barack Obama in the White House, one might expect Reid to allow for recess appointments again, or at least the White House might expect it. Surprise! Senate Democrats agreed Wednesday night to a Republican demand to block President Obama from making recess appointments while Congress is out of town campaigning for the midterm elections. Democratic leaders have agreed to schedule pro-forma sessions of the Senate every week over the next six weeks, a move that will prevent Obama from making emergency appointments, according to Senate sources briefed on the talks.   Read more........  The first pro-forma session is on the Senate schedule for tomorrow.

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