Saturday, September 11, 2010

World Trade Center Mosque - Ground Zero Mosque - #2126 - 9/11 Families on the Ground Zero Mosque - American Thinker

It's been nine years since that horrific day on September 11th when America was attacked. Those living it day in and day out, the victims' families, are frustrated, upset, and saddened over issues surrounding the attack and their lost loved ones. American Thinker interviewed some family members for their feelings. The family members are happy to see so many Americans recognize the insensitivity of the Ground Zero Mosque being built; yet are angry at politicians like Mayor Bloomberg for supporting it. Joe Holland, who lost a son at the World Trade Center, stated that the Mosque is in "the wrong spot and people like Bloomberg do not have the families' back. This should be considered sacred soil. Why would they build it there to look down on my son's grave and all the others who died?"  Read more.........

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