Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2200 - New Ads in 5th Accuse Perriello of Party Line Voting, Taking Special Interest Money - Bearing Drift

Tom Perriello Votes the Party Line - New Ads in 5th District accuse Perriello of party line voting, taking special interest money, and running negative ads.

'Tom Perriello Takes Money from Special Interests'

TPM's Top 10 House Races to Watch - It might be a painful night for House Democrats on November 2. Most analysts are predicting a Republican takeover of the House, with as many as 80 or so seats in play, and the GOP only needing to win 39 to seize back control. The TPM Poll Average shows voters nationwide prefer generic Congressional Republican candidates over Democrats 47.3%-40.7%.  Many of the Democrats who won in the Obama 2008 tidal wave are the most vulnerable, and the Democrats who captured Bush-won districts in 2006 aren't breathing much easier. But Democrats see glimmers of hope in open seats, and may win some of their own.  TPM chose 10 House races to watch this fall. They will be competitive, likely entertaining, and are bellwethers to help determine whether the nation sees Speaker Pelosi or Speaker Boehner at the dais come January.We're not looking into a crystal ball, and the only thing that's certain is that these races are going to play into the bigger picture come November. In no particular order, here are TPM's Top 10 House races to watch. Virginia: We've written a ton about this central and Southside Virginia district, one which Republicans probably must win if they want to take control of the House. Rep. Tom Perriello (D) was elected by fewer than 727 votes out of over 315,000 cast in 2008, unseating a Republican incumbent. He's been put on the defensive for supporting health care and a cap-and-trade climate bill that passed the House last summer -- unpopular moves among his constituents. Read more, scroll down to Virginia race.....

Virginia's 5th District Race: Democrat Tom Perriello to Defend Against Republican Robert Hurt - Yahoo News - Summer polls put GOP challenger Robert Hurt ahead of first-time Rep. Tom Perriello -- but those polls have been either unreliable or issued by non-independent pollsters. A News7 Survey USA poll put Perriello behind Hurt 58 to 35 percent. The race could be a close one, if history repeats itself given the 2008 outcome in which Perriello surged from behind late in the campaign. Read more.......  Articles and videos contributed by Steve Peters.

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