Monday, September 20, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2157 - YouCut Measures Continue to be Stifled by Pelosi Democrat - Bearing Drift

Earlier this summer, House Republicans offered a simple, democratic solution to cutting our national spending: the YouCut program was introduced for everyday Americans to submit their spending cut ideas, which would then be voted upon over the internet, and offered as legislation.  To date, more nearly $120 billion is spending cuts have been proposed through the program, with items such as reforming Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, freezing Federal Employee Pay Raises and making them pay their taxes, and halting the “This road construction brought to you by the Obama Administration” stimulus signs we see all across the country.  Not surprisingly, each practical measure aimed at changing the “spend what we don’t have” culture in DC has gone largely ignored by House Democrats. So, how often have Virginia’s Democratic incumbents voted for these spending cuts? The YouCut scorecard reports:
Rick Boucher – 0%, Gerry Connolly – 0%, Jim Moran – 0%
Glenn Nye – 89%
Tom Perriello – 0%, Bobby Scott – 0%
Only Glenn Nye found these spending cuts worth voting for, so kudos to the 2nd District congressman, but not a single other Democrat from the rest of the commonwealth found ANY spending cuts worth voting for?  While $120 billion is not a lot compared to the over $13 trillion debt we have today, it’s a start.  So, what is the solution from Democrats? Of course, raise taxes by not extending the Bush tax cuts – an extension most economists agree is necessary.  Not voting for practical spending cuts + Advocating for higher taxes = Epic failure in November.  Article contributed by Steve Peters.

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