Saturday, September 18, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2154 - Obama: We All Need to Fight to Get Tom Perriello to Washington - Charlottesville News and Arts

In an e-mail sent today to mailing list subscribers, President Barack Obama asked voters in Virginia's Fifth District to support incumbent Democrat Tom Perriello's bid for reelection. The e-mail, paid for by the Democratic National Committee's Organizing for America, thanks "Democrats in Congress who were willing to take a stand and fight for policies that would move America forward. "And with so much still left to be done, and too many families struggling to get by, we need to keep America moving forward—which means I need you to support Tom Perriello for Congress," reads the e-mail.  Has anyone received this, let me know? This photo of Tom and Obama is a reminder of how many bills that he has voted for and Obama has signed, that has put the economy is the position we all find ourselves in right now,  especially the Health Care Bill.   Article contributed by Steve Peters.

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