Friday, September 17, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2148 - Video: NRCC Ad Hits 'Phony Perriello' on Lobbyist Donations - Virginia Politics - Washington Post

Phony Tom Perriello: You Can't Believe a Word He Says- For several days, Rep. Tom Perriello (D) has been alone on the airwaves in Virginia's 5th congressional district, using his huge cash advantage over state Sen. Robert Hurt to pound the Republican nominee with negative ads. Now the National Republican Congressional Committee is firing back on Hurt's behalf, looking to turn one of Perriello's own ads against him. Perriello has been running a commercial calling Hurt "lobbyists' best friend," featuring an actor playing a lobbyist who praises Hurt and laments that "this Perriello guy doesn't take lobbyist dollars." The NRCC's response ad essentially calls Perriello a liar: After showing a clip from Perriello's ad, the NRCC narrator says, "Problem is, that script is completely false. Tom Perriello does take money from lobbyists -- $200,000 from groups tied to lobbyists. ... And Perriello's taking personal checks from registered lobbyists too. Phony Tom Perriello: You can't believe a word he says." Read more.........

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