Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2111 -Charlottesville Perriello Town Hall - Welborn Freedom Watch

Well, last night was very interesting, especially if you attended the Charlottesville town hall last year. In 2009, the auditorium was almost filled to capacity. Of course, last year there were SEIU Union members who were paid to be there for at least two hours, one of them actually admitted this to one of the conservatives that attended. Voter apathy was evident everywhere tonight, as most conservatives decided, why bother, Tom is not listening to us, we call, we write, we email, Tom just responds by voting the way Nancy Pelosi tells him to vote; Health Care, Cap and Trade, Stimulus. Last night was quite a liberal Tom love fest, I will post several clips later of some of the video. If you watched NBC29 News you could see all the empty chairs, and this is also reflected in some of the pictures below.

As occurred last year, some our more liberal audience members were quick to point out by heckling if they determined a conservative went over the two minute guideline for asking a question, until Carole Thorpe of JATP reminded the audience how respectfully Tom was treated at the Jefferson Area Tea Party meeting a few weeks ago.  

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