Friday, September 3, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2098 - Robert Hurt: As Area Unemployment Rises, Robert Hurt Comments on Congressman Perriello's Support for Job Killing Card Check Bill - Hurt for Congress

The Robert Hurt for U.S. Congress campaign today released the following statement by Robert Hurt on Congressman Perriello’s support for the job-killing card check bill given the economic news out today showing more jobs lost and rising unemployment in the region:  “It’s no secret that the job-killing card check bill is a top priority for the big labor special interest groups. But the fact that Congressman Perriello champions this legislation while big labor bosses continue to fill his campaign coffers with hundreds of thousands of dollars should give voters in the 5th District great pause. “As new reports show our region’s unemployment rates continuing to rise, how can Congressman Perriello justify his support for card check that he full well knows would kill even more jobs in Central and Southside Virginia?

Congressman Perriello’s stances and votes while in Congress may win him the praise of Nancy Pelosi, but no one has worked harder against the economic interests of the 5th District than Tom Perriello.

Unlike Congressman Perriello, I will go to Washington to fight for the workers and families across Central and Southside Virginia by supporting a pro-job growth agenda that works with small businesses to create sustainable private sector jobs.”

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  1. In doing some research on Perriello this time around -- research I should've done before -- I am appalled that a man with close ties to and a (pardon the expression) card-carrying member of the Transnational Elite Political Class is representing our District in Congress.

    Except for some environs in Charlottesville, Perriello has nothing in common with a mostly rural, low-income district. Nothing at all.

    He calls himself a "social entrepreneur". As far as I can tell, that is someone who finds ways to make money from Leftist foundations, the UN, NGOs, and the unions. Perriello has done this in spades right from the beginning of his career.

    An amazing piece of work, this man. He needs to go back to Sierra Leone, or Kosovo, or all the other places he was practicing his international justice and leave this poor district alone.

    Perriello will be our ruin.

    Just google these:

    1. Res Publica (co-founder. Look at advisory board).

    2.the International Centre for Transitional

    3.Redefining Progress (was formerly The Center for a Sustainable Economy). Can anyone say "AGW" believer? THis is an offshoot of Res Publica. "A global civic advocacy group". IIRC, Perriello founded it.

    5. Catholic Alliance for the Common Good. Founded by Our Boy. Seems to be neither very Catholic nor much concerned with the 'common good' beyond aggressive abortion policies. Could be wrong about that since slogging thru his record by then was heavy going.

    Tom Perriello is a member of the NY State Bar but is he a member of the Virginia Bar?

    Our district is just a means to an end for him and if we're ruined economically in the process of his horrific sad, too bad.