Thursday, September 2, 2010

Virginia Fifth District Race - #2095 - Are Swing District Dems Toast? - Mother Jones

September/October 2010 Issue. As he walks the quiet Main Street of Farmville, Virginia, Rep. Tom Perriello has his work cut out for him. Wearing khakis, brown boots, and an open-collar shirt in the 100-degree heat, the freshman Democrat pops into stores and offices—he's not always recognized—and asks how business is going and what he can do to help. He tells his constituents that America needs to "make things," and "the elites" in Washington don't get this. At Key Office Supply, owner Jim Ailsworth thanks Perriello for his health care reform vote, noting that he plans to use the law's small-business tax credit for his staff. At Davenport & Company, an independent stock brokerage, manager Brad Watson says he's worried that the stimulus (which Perriello also supported) won't yield long-lasting public works. Perriello points out that he argued "for a stimulus that is focused on 10 years—not 18 months." After Perriello leaves, Watson points to campaign literature on his desk for state Sen. Robert Hurt, who vanquished several tea party candidates to become Perriello's Republican challenger. "Hurt's a nice, moderate Republican," Watson says; he intends to vote for him......... Read more.......

Commentary on this article from Steve Peters:  Tom's real problem is he talks like a moderate while roaming through the 5th district he pretends to represents, but votes like a left wing liberal when he is in Washington D.C.  Tom votes 100% of the time as Nancy Pelosi tells him to on all major issues. Once in awhile she frees him from the leash, so his total overall voting record is 96% down the liberal party line. Tom is going to be voted out because he represents the liberal Democrats in DC and not the values of a majority of his 5th District voters. I finally get Tom's style.Tom talks as if HE is different from the other unreasonable politicians of both parties! THEY ALL DO IT...... act like politicians, but Tom is above it all and does not let the politics effect him. If everyone would be just like Tom, we could all get along and solve all our problems. He is logical, unbiased, and nonpartisan, it's the other guys who have agendas and cannot get along with each other.
          In fact, why are we wasting our time in the District listening to Tom, send us the real person who determines our vote for the 5th District....Nancy Pelosi. It would be a far more colorful and honest dialogue, because she is at least willing to tell us what she real thinks most of the time. She is a true San Francisco old school liberal and proud of it! We would still get the exact same voting record, if she were our ACTUAL REPRESENTATIVE! Now that is a show I would be willing to get up early in the morning to experience. Forget the proxy(TOM) we could get a full house for Nancy, instead of the sea of empty chairs we are seeing at your Town Hall meetings throughout the District. A majority of the voters in the district have given up on talking to Tom, he spends a lot of time in the district pretending to listen to us. I will continue to go to these rigged "town hall meeting" events, because it is my civic duty, not because it will make any difference in how Tom votes. I smile because the day is approaching when 5th District conservative voices will actually count, November 2nd.
          Tom was asked at one of his multiple Town Hall meetings what POLICY do you disagree with OBAMA on? He could not come up with even one, though he real took a long moment to think about it. Tom did not pick on any of Obama's destructive depression creating economic agenda that has been a massive job killer in his district, because he agrees with all of them. We know this because he voted for every major Democratic economic bill put in front of him without fully reading what was in them. He copped out and picked on one individual, Tim Geithner who does Obama's economic policy bidding. Tom and Geithner are just another couple of liberal cool aid drinkers who are doing EXACTLY what Obama has directed them to do, as are all the other economic team members.
          Firing all of Obama's economic team would result in NO change to the Obama failed economic policies, but firing Tom so Nancy Pelosi is not speaker of OUR HOUSE would have a profound positive impact on the American economy.  Adding insult to injury to his 5th District voters, Tom (Former international human rights attorney) seems to not care about OUR rights under the Constitution in THIS county. He violated the voters constitutional free speech rights by banning signs in his Town Hall meetings and then, wanted to get credit for "restoring" them when the Rutherford Institute threaten legal action(on my behalf when Tom's people dismissed my requests to stop violating the voters constitutional free speech rights), if he did not stop banning signs in his town hall meetings. This is like the arsonist wanting credit for putting out a fire that he started. Tom said, you won, so get over it. Tom got caught. We expect our representatives to PROTECT our constitutional rights not force us to threaten legal actions to get them back.
          Tom's Judgement Day is coming on November 2nd along with a lot of other liberal Democrats.  Goodbye, One Term Tom.

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