Friday, September 24, 2010

Unions Representation Election Procedures - SJ30- #2179 - Senate Republicans Fail in Bid to Stop New Union Organizing Rule - Politics Daily

The unions won one Thursday. Senate Republicans fell short in an effort to roll back a new government rule that will make it easier for labor unions to organize new workers by changing the way votes are counted in representation elections. The Senate, in a 56-43 vote, refused to overturn the National Mediation Board-approved rule that permits a union to organize if a majority of the employees taking part in an election vote to back the union, the Associated Press said. The old rule, in place for more than 75 years, required that a majority of all employees at a facility must want the union. Those not taking part in the balloting were counted.  Read more......  November is coming...but it is probably not soon enough for Delta Airlines. The Democrats have through the National Mediation Board overturned a 75 year old rule which will make unionizing companies far easier, because now a MINORITY of employees can decide what the MAJORITY do not want. . In other cases like the Communications Workers v. Beck Supreme Court decision, unions just ignore the law and get away with it. On January 30, 2009 Obama's intent on keep millions of workers from learning their rights under this decision, issued an executive order which REVOKED the posting at federal contractor workplaces a notice to employees on what their union bosses were not allowed to take from them . The precent-setting Beck Decision said that unions could not FORCE it's members to use their dues money for union political activities, lobbying, or any other non-bargaining activities. This payback to the unions started earlier in Obama's presidency and has continued unabated to the detriment of the American economy and its workers.
          The Landmark Legal Foundation(Run by THAT Mark Levin) has won a multitude of cases against unions bosses hiding massive expenditures on political activities from it's members. Here is a quote from their web site "As part of the Foundation's NEA Accountability Project, Landmark uncovered overwhelming evidence that the National Education Association has financed and run coordinated political campaigns with the Democratic National Committee, other Democratic campaign organizations, the AFL-CIO and Emily's List-without reporting the expenditures to its members or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), as required by federal law. "  Article and commentary provided by Steve Peters.

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