Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pledge to America - #2186 -Land: GOP Pledge Shows Social Conservative Progress - Baptist Press

Republicans in the House of Representatives unveiled "A Pledge to America" Sept. 23 that was long on addressing unemployment, taxes, health care and government spending but also pledged to fight taxpayer funding of abortion and to stand up for "traditional marriage." The document, what the GOP described as a "new governing agenda," said Republicans would institute a ban on all federal funding of abortion and enact conscience protections for pro-life, health-care providers if they gained control of the House in the November election. It did not promise, however, to pass a measure to protect marriage as a union between only a man and a woman or to turn back efforts to expand laws protecting homosexuality. Though much longer, this year's "A Pledge to America" is reminiscent of the GOP's 1994 "Contract With America," which did not address abortion or homosexuality. House Republicans gained 52 seats in that mid-term election, achieving majority status. This year they are seeking to overcome a 255-178 deficit. Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, called the document "a strong statement that can serve as a preamble to what a majority of Americans believe about the role the government should and should not play in the economic lives of families, communities and the nation."  Read more.......

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