Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Muslims - Islam - 2164 - When Jewish Boys Bow to Allah - American Thinker

......Nope, the days of the liberal progressive regime are coming to an end. You can't emotionally extort us into endorsing the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, even if six hundred of you were on a conference call with the president, who begged you to turn Yom Kippur into a rally for Mosque-Building USA......And then she saw five boys joining in the prayers, bowing and touching their foreheads to the floor in obeisance to Allah. Is this the payoff for all our years of sincere interfaith dialogue and bridge-building? And hear this, O Rabbis -- one of those painfully unprotected, cynically manipulated, precious middle-school boys was a Jew. That's right. That sweet, freckle-faced kid you were just tutoring for his bar mitzvah was prostrate on the ground, praying to Allah. And who helped shove him there? You did. And you can't gobbledygook your way out of this one. For years, you have reviled and attacked those few brave souls who tried to alert the community of the danger of radical Islam. You called them bigots, haters, and Islamophobes, and you censored their information from reaching your congregants. Read more.......

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