Thursday, September 16, 2010

Islam - Muslims - #2145 - The Sharia Threat to America - American Thinker - Center for Security Policy

Nine years ago, another in a decades-long assault on the U.S. and Western interests was carried out by mujahideen -- Islamic jihad warriors. September 11 didn't launch this existential threat of jihad, but it certainly exposed the underbelly of American vulnerability like no other previous attack (including the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 and the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon a decade before that). This underbelly expresses itself in our military, law enforcement, and political elites -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- refusing to come to terms with the existential threat we face from Islamic terrorists. It is simply incredible that nine years post-9/11, there has been no definitive study or analysis made public, even in unclassified form, which identifies the "common enemy threat doctrine" of the world's Islamic terrorists....... U.S. law enforcement, intelligence, military, and political authorities have not as of yet conducted a serious study and analysis of shariah as the common enemy threat doctrine.

All of this came to an end yesterday, September 15, 2010, with the publication of The Shariah Threat To America, published under the auspices of the Center for Security Policy, the Washington, D.C.-based think tank founded in 1988 and headed by Frank Gaffney. Mr. Gaffney was acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, the senior position in the Defense Department with responsibility for policies involving nuclear forces, arms control, and U.S.-European defense relations, under President Reagan. The key findings of the Team 'B' II Report are as follows:  (1) The United States is under attack by foes who are openly animated by what is known in Islam as shariah (Islamic law). (2)Shariah is based on the Quran, hadiths (sayings of Mohammed), and agreed interpretations. It commands Muslims to carry out jihad (holy war) indefinitely until all of the dar al-harb (i.e., the House of War, where shariah is not enforced) is brought under the domination of dar al-Islam (the House of Islam -- or literally, the House of Submission, where shariah is enforced). (3)Shariah dictates that non-Muslims be given three choices: convert to Islam and conform to shariah, submit as second-class citizens (dhimmis), or be killed. Not all classes are given the second option.     Read more.........  There are nine more major points to the findings of this report that are contained in this American Thinker article.   The entire Report, 149 pages,  is available online at the above link. I called the Center for Security Policy, and the report will be available at Amazon in October and they will email me at that time.  

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