Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Glenn Beck - #2172 - Do You Believe the System is Unsustainable - TV Show-9/21/10 - The Right Scoop

Part 1 of 3 parts, go to this site for Part 2 and 3 - Do You Believe the System is Unsustainable - ......You must not think and act the same way that traditional small government, free market Americans, who may be Republican or Democrat, have always thought. Let's start here. Let's start with — because there are two choices tonight. So, let's start with, let's just call it the Tea Party. I — you know what? I think it's really the traditional Democrat like my grandfather and the traditional Republican. Not the progressives, but just a regular person that grew up in America loving the Constitution and everything else.........Things that don't make sense. I'm just going to give you one quick one — the BP oil spill. Obama was quick to put moratorium on drilling for oil in the Gulf. At the time, we explain how — even if you temporarily banned, you know, oil in the Gulf, it would be devastating for jobs.  Judge ruled against the ban. Obama just went around it. Well, the ban resulted in at least 23,000 jobs being lost in the region as a result.  So, it was horrible for the economy.  If you look at it through this eye, that doesn't make any sense. But he took it a step further. The next thing he did was he said we have to cap and seal 3,500 U.S. wells in the Gulf. What this means is you permanently plug those wells. Anything unused in the last five years has to be shut down and permanently sealed. Well, anybody who knows anything about the oil companies at all, they know that oil companies routinely seal the well and then go back to the old wells to get more oil.  Experts estimate the Obama order will cost the oil companies $1.4 billion to $3.5 billion just to cap the wells. Some smaller producers will be giving up $6 billion to $18 billion in lost revenue for future production.  So, we've closed the doors on our own companies — which doesn't make sense. It's unsustainable. We need capital. We need money. We need cheap energy.  But here's where it really gets confusing. At the same time, I told you on this program, we opened the door somewhere else. We issued a preliminary commitment last year to loan $2 billion to Brazil for oil exploration that is deeper than what we were doing here, that was a danger to the planet.  Read more........  This show is critical to watch, especially to give to a friend who thinks the efforts to ban drilling in the Gulf is for the sake of saving the planet, it is global redistribution of wealth, which Glenn explains in this transcript and video clip.  Please read and watch.

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