Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fifth District Race - #2118 - Perriello Supporter Attacks AFP Rally Attendee - Schilling Show Blog

A rabid supporter of Democrat Congressman Tom Perriello launched into a profanity-laced tirade at this morning’s Americans for Prosperity (AFP) rally, held at the Albemarle County office building in Charlottesville, Virginia. The as-of-yet unidentified, middle-aged female Caucasian entered the parking lot with her vehicle’s horn blaring (suspected vehicle pictured below) in an apparent attempt to disrupt the event. She then approached the rally site and began to tear-up literature displayed on AFP’s information table. As AFP Virginia State Director, Ben Marchi, began his closing remarks, the deranged Perriello supporter initiated a bizarre chant, loudly repeating the name “George Sorros.” Rally attendee, Steven Latimer, turned and attempted to photograph the hysterical woman. Upon doing so, he first was verbally assaulted, and then the attacker attempted to “claw” the camera from Mr. Lattimer’s hands. The assailant fled the scene when several audience members moved to Mr. Lattimer’s defense.  Can you identify this woman? Do you recognize this car? If so, please email The Schilling Show, as the victim may be interested in pressing charges in this widely witnessed incident.

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