Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Elections - #2175 - Video: Fiorina Slams "Senator Ma'am in 1st TV Spot - Hot Air

Fiorina Slams "Senator Ma'am in 1st TV Spot - Hot Air - Carly Fiorina releases her first TV spot in the general election today, and takes aim at Barbara Boxer’s insistence on being called “Senator” in a rebuke during a military briefing from a general that C-SPAN caught. This might not have been a worthwhile campaign issue if Boxer had taken an opportunity in the first debate with Fiorina to apologize for her haughty tone. Instead, Boxer more or less doubled down on her snotty remark, giving Fiorina the opportunity to question Boxer’s priorities — and her altogether unearned attitude of entitlement:

Jan Brewer Shows She's Got More Brass Than SEIU and What's-His-Name - Redstate -  There are certain defining moments in some politicians’ careers that take them from the status of politician to a real leader. In Arizona, the fight over SB1070 is Governor Jan Brewer’s defining moment.  In the fight over SB1070, Jan Brewer has stood up to Barack Obama, his Washington (and Chicago) entourage, as well as the “hand inside Barack Obama’s puppet,” the Service Employees International Union. Her latest video is the most recent example of Jan Brewer’s ability to show the brass that most politicians won’t: Meanwhile, Brewer’s opponent in the gubernatorial campaign, a nearly 30-year career politician named Terry Goddard, is apparently still searching for his defining moment—hoping the SEIU will somehow give it to him as it did a young community organizer from Illinois.  
There are some very good politicians leading the way for Conservative Republicans, including Governor Jan Brewer and Governor Chris Christie who understand that business as usual is no longer acceptable. They are tough, crystal clear, and willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone. The Republican Senate leadership should take a lesson from them, show some leadership and kick Murkowski out of her ranking job on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee. She is acting like a ruling class politician by attempting a write in candidacy after she lost the primary, which will force the Republican Senatorial Committee into expending precious resources in the Alaskan race.  Commentary by Steve Peters.

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