Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 -#2140 - Shock Audio: Facing 'Obligations' From Leadership Democrat Congresswoman Leaves Voicemail for Lobbyist Cash - Big Government

A couple weeks ago, House Member Eleanor Holmes Norton made a fundraising call to a lobbyist. The lobbyist wasn’t available, so Holmes Norton left a voicemail. We have been given a copy of that message. The audio is below.  By way of background, with their prospects for November quickly deteriorating, Congressional Democrats are scrambling to assemble the financial resources they hope can stave off their electoral armageddon. Speaker Pelosi and her leadership team are putting a lot of pressure on Democrat members to pony up campaign contributions to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. In the article linked above, Politico noted:  In August, Pelosi and other top leaders wrote members, saying, “We need to know your commitment is to maintaining a strong Democratic majority now” and pleading with them to call “to let us know what you are able to do and when.” The pressure is especially strong on members from “safe” districts, who need little campaign money of their own to win reelection. The catch, though, is that many of these members haven’t amassed vast campaign war-chests, for the simple reason that they haven’t needed them. So, they are scrambling to meet their Pelosi-imposed obligations. Holmes Norton is from one such “safe” district–the District of Columbia.  Read more of the article......Listen to the audio and written transcript of the message she left.  Another reason why the establishment congressmen and women need to be defeated, it is worth listening to the audio to hear the entitlement tone in her request.

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