Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 - Economy - #2110 - Obama, Democrat Missed Their Window - Hot Air

Today is more or less the official opening of the midterm general election, even though a handful of states still have primaries in the next two weeks. The consensus appears to be that Democrats are heading to the woodshed, and perhaps to minority status in both chambers of Congress, thanks to economic policies that have left the US with high unemployment, low consumer confidence, and enormous public debt. Barack Obama spent the weekend promising to pivot his attention to joblessness, but three analysts say that the President missed his window. First, Byron York: Two days before Christmas, Politico reported that White House officials believed it would last until February — after which Obama would make a “very hard pivot” to the jobs issue........Mark Halperin says that it’s the White House that didn’t “get it,” and that Democrats had plenty of warning. If Scott Brown’s election surprise in deep-blue Massachusetts didn’t wake them up, they have no one to blame but themselves:......Halperin uses the word “tsunami” to describe the coming midterm prospects for the GOP. So does Politico’s Mike Allen:.......An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out Tuesday found that that the administration’s “Recovery Summer” was a bust: In May, 40 percent of respondents said the economy would get better in the next 12 months. Now, that figure is 26 percent.  Read more.......

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