Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 - #2207 - Video: One Nation Rally - Union Coalitions - The Blaze

This is a video you won't enjoy watching, but you need to be aware of what is being organized by various progressive groups, unions, communists, and others.  List of Organizations Involved in the One Nation Rally in Washington, D.C., October 2, 2010.  President Barack Obama’s own Organizing for America has praised the effort, calling it the “biggest progressive demonstration in decades.” The list of organizations offering their official endorsements for Saturday’s “One Nation” rally reads like a who’s who of the far-left in America, including some usual suspects.

Fires, Fraud, Democrats and the SEIU: It's a Real Work in Progress(ivism) - Redstate - We’ll just lay the facts [emphasis added] out for you. Then, you can decide if you believe in coincidences:  Fact One: In 2008, a group of citizens in Harris County, Texas saw what appeared to be a massive attack on the integrity of the election process:  When Catherine Engelbrecht and her friends sat down and started talking politics several years ago, they soon agreed that talking wasn’t enough. They wanted to do more. So when the 2008 election came around, “about 50” of her friends volunteered to work at Houston’s polling places.  “What we saw shocked us,” she said. “There was no one checking IDs, judges would vote for people that asked for help. It was fraud, and we watched like deer in the headlights.”  “Vacant lots had several voters registered on them. An eight-bed halfway house had more than 40 voters registered at its address,” Engelbrecht said. “We then decided to look at who was registering the voters.”Just a reminder:  SEIU IS ALSO ON THE LIST OR ORGANIZATIONS INVOLVED IN THIS RALLY.  Read more.......

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