Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 - 2131 - Reason TV Video: 9/12 Smaller, But Stronger in Spirit - Hot Air

What We Saw at the 9/12 Rally in Washington, D.C. - Nick Gillespie spent some time at the 9/12 rally yesterday for Reason TV, and found a somewhat smaller crowd than last year — but also more intense. Matt Kibbe tells him that instead of having one rally in Washington, as they did last year, they have a number of rallies around the country, which Kibbe rightly calls a success story for FreedomWorks. The rally brought out a diverse crowd, and that was one of the main points:This year’s event drew a smaller but arguably more intense crowd than last year’s demonstration. Attendees’ attitudes toward President Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress were sharply negative and sometimes strayed from the Tea Party’s traditionally narrow focus on curbing federal spending to issues such as illegal immigration and race relations. Yet there was no mistaking the main thrust of the day’s event, which was, as Matt Kibbe stressed, that “November 3 is even more important than November 2.” As Andrew Breitbart put it, “The beauty of the Tea Party movement is watching it hold Republicans accountable…These people are not going to stop holding their government and elected officials accountable, especially those that claim to represent their values.”  Read more........

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