Monday, September 6, 2010

Fall Elections 2010 - #2107 - Rasmussen Report - Generic Congressional Ballot - Republicans 48%, Democrats - 36% - Rasmussen Report

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 48% of Likely Voters would vote for their district's Republican congressional candidate, while 36% would opt for his or her Democratic opponent. The survey data was collected on the seven days ending Sunday, September 5, 2010.  This matches the largest advantage ever measured for the Republicans. Three weeks ago, the GOP also held a 12-point lead.Still, while the margin has varied somewhat from week-to-week, Republicans have been consistently ahead in the Generic Ballot for over a year. During 2010, the GOP edge has never fallen below five points. When Barack Obama first took office as president of the United States, the Democrats enjoyed a seven-point lead on the Generic Ballot.  Read more........

Shocker: Democratic Donors from 2008 Going to GOP in 2010 - Hot Air - No, it’s no shocker that Democrats have big problems in fundraising after their record from the past two years. It’s not even a shocker that Wall Street donors have shifted their money to the GOP; that started a year ago, and has only accelerated since. The news that Tony Podesta’s lobbyists have begun betting on a Senate takeover by Republicans is a little surprising. From John Byrne and Raw Story, perhaps this gives a little more credence to the idea that the GOP could take both chambers in a blowout midterm cycle:  The majority party often faces the ire of the population-at-large (and businesses) during the midterm election cycle of a new president. Democrats lost seats during the first term of President Bill Clinton.  But even the firm controlled by the brother of Clinton’s former chief of staff is shifting their donations in a conservative direction.  “Tony Podesta is one of the best-connected rainmakers in the nation’s capital, with a web of personal contacts stretching back 42 years and six Democratic presidential candidates. His brother John was Bill Clinton’s White House chief of staff and an adviser on President Barack Obama’s transition team,” the Chronicle reporters note. “But in an uncharacteristic twist this year, people at Tony Podesta’s powerhouse lobbying firm have chosen to donate $32,000 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee to help its chairman, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, wrest control of the Senate from the Democrats.”  Read more.......

The Cook Political Report - The Cook Political Report's current outlook is for a Republican net gain of at least 40 seats. A turnover of 39 seats would tip majority status into Republican hands. At this point, only 209 House seats are Solid, Likely or Lean Democratic, while 181 seats are Solid, Likely or Lean Republican, and 45 seats are in the Toss Up column.  Commentary by Steve Peters - The Cook Report now officially says that Nancy Pelosi is going to lose her job on November 2nd and will not be in charge of OUR HOUSE when the new Congress reconvenes. Another important note is that of the top 25 race changes listed by Cook, ALL OF THEM moved in the direction of the Republicans!

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