Thursday, September 2, 2010

Black Liberation Theology - #2093 - Beck's Obsession With Black Liberation Theology Thoroughly Justified- Kyle-Anne Shiver - American Thinker

You know liberals are scared whenever they use the O-word -- "obsession" -- to smear a conservative's effectiveness in an important argument. So when the Los Angeles Times published an editorial yesterday by Tim Rutten called "Glenn Beck's Liberation Theology Obsession," I was quite intrigued. Since I spent a whole year studying James H. Cone's Black Liberation Theology in the context of Latin America's liberation theology developed within the Catholic Church, I was quite curious to see what an esteemed LA Times columnist had to say about Beck's so-called "obsession.".....  the last two paragraphs.....And anyone who had taken the trouble to visit Trinity United Church of Christ would have known all about it prior to the election of 2008. But as we know now, liberal journalists actually conspired to hide this story from public view and do all they could to help Barack Obama bamboozle the American public, using his Wright-mentored "Christianity" in a bold gambit to close the God-gap among voters. That Glenn Beck is now reviving this issue and spreading a little truth on Obama's bold religious claims makes liberals understandably nervous. And it would take a ninny living under a rock in Los Angeles not to have noticed that the only church at which Barack Obama has ever -- before or since -- regularly worshiped was the one that unabashedly preached nothing but Black Liberation Theology.   Read more...... If you really want to understand Black Liberation Theology from someone who has really studied the issue, please read this, great background material, especially in view of the attacks on Beck for speaking about this.

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